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Hi there, welcome to my [tiny] website! I'm Sophie -- sophiegtv on YouTube. You can click here to view my channel. Thank you for visiting!

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Change of Seasons by Sweet Thing


December 31, 2012: A few updates.

upcoming projects

These are some of the videos I plan to make, in no particular order:

Hairy Otter (Episodes #2-???)
LPS: Hunger Games Parody (No, not making fun of it... I love the Hunger Games)
LPS: Popular (Episodes #21-???)
The LPS: Popular Prequel
(This will be focused on Brooke's life. I won't start making this series until after Popular ends, which won't be for a while!)

Eventually... maybe?
CSI: Crime Solving Idiots (The Remake) as well as new episodes?
Return of the Queen?
The Summer Camp Part 8?
New Series?


None right now.